About GEFC

Established in August 2003, Golden Energy Fuel Cell Co., Ltd. (GEFC) is a professional energy storage solution supplier. We are an innovative company and manage our own R&D, production, sales and services. 

Our Technology

GEFC has always been devoting itself to technological innovations and spending great efforts to the development of a scientific research team to keep innovative. We hold many patented technologies in China, U.S., Japan, South Korea and Europe and have in particular technological advantages in the core materials of vanadium battery, including full-fluorinion membrane, electrode, electrolyte and cell stack structure. Many of our research projects have been financially supported by the Chinese government, approved by ISO9001 standard and endorsed by various national technological institutions. We always look for technological breakthroughs in materials, cell stack structure and control systems to create greater values for customers with more advanced and convenient energy storage solutions.

Our Products

With focus on Vanadium Flow Battery Storage System (VFBSS) and other related components, the products of GEFC have already been exported to many overseas markets including U.S., EU, Russia, Australia, India, Japan, South Korea and Singapore. They have been widely used in various applications such as renewable energy generation, peak load regulation, energy storage and backup power. The rated power of our energy storage systems now ranges from 5kW to 4MW.

Our Company

GEFC values trust and respects the law. We always pay heed to laws and regulations to strengthen our image as an international leading brand for energy storage. We also believe in a practical approach in product development, production, sales and services to deliver customers with safe, reliable and quality products.

As a caring company, we always put people first and provide each employee with suitable training to develop their full potentials. We believe the company must be built on people and grow hand in hand.

Our Environment

GEFC believes in sustainable development for the betterment of our future generations. We make use of our advanced energy storage products and technological services to help people worldwide to develop and utilize clean energy. We are ready to play our part to promote environmental protection and community welfare.