Perfluorinated Ion Membrane

Perfluorinated ion membrane consists of a hydrophobic skeleton and a hydrophilic sulfonic acid group. It is mass-produced through our patented “Dissolved Resin Casting” method. The product is characterized for its distinctive high acidic capacity, high conductivity, high power density, large tensile modulus, small linear expansion rate, isotropic nature, long operating life, and stable thermal, chemical and electrochemical performances.

The product is used as the electrolyte membrane in vanadium flow batteries, ion film electrolytic tanks and electrochemical sensors to separate the anode and cathode compartments.

Technical details


GEFC-102 GEFC-103 GEFC-104 GEFC-105 GEFC-106



BS 2 mil 3mil 4mil 5 mil 6 mil 7 mil
MS 51μm 76μm 102μm 127μm 152μm



600 × 600 mm, also customizable


1000 g/eq

Acid Capacity

1.0 meq/g


0.1 S/cm

Tensile modulus

618 MPa

Enhanced Perfluorinated Ion Membrane

Enhanced perfluorinated ion membrane consists of a hydrophobic skeleton and a hydrophilic sulfonic acid group. It employs the chemically stabilized PTFE mesh to increase the tensile strength. Its small linear expansion rate and long operating life are particularly suitable to be used in extreme environments.

The product is used as the electrolyte membrane to separate the anode and cathode compartments for the recovery of precious metal (such as copper, gold), electrochemical synthesis and water treatment.

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Membrane Electrode

Our membrane electrode uses nano-platinum black catalyst with large surface area and high catalytic activity. It is characterized by its stable structure, long lifetime and high capability for power generation.

The design of the membrane electrode is optimized for different applications and operating environments. The GEFC-MEA series is suitable for hydrogen-oxygen fuel cells, direct methanol fuel cells, ethanol fuel cells, biological fuel cells and electrochemical sensors. Shape and size are also customizable.

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VRB Electrolyte

Our electrolyte is high in concentration with excellent purity, conductivity, stability and long design life.

Graphite Conductive Plate and Bipolar Plate

Graphite conductive plate is made of graphite of very high purity. Its micropores are filled with high performance resin for excellent air-tightness, high conductivity, good corrosion resistance and stable performance.

It is used as electric current-conducting plates in vanadium flow batteries and bipolar plates in proton exchange membrane fuel batteries.

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Perfluorinated Ion Solution

Perfluorinated ion solution is a colorless clear viscous solution with mild penetrating odor and excellent chemical stability.

It is used for the preparation of perfluorinated ion electrolyte membrane and catalyst coating in fuel cells, ion film electrolytic tanks and electrochemical sensors.

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