Power Prediction

Power Prediction

Natural wind is greatly affected by day/night, climatic and seasonal factors and can change abruptly and randomly. It is unfavorable for the scheduling of generation plans and real time dispatching. To ensure safe and stable operations, the capacity of wind power transmitted to the power grid is therefore restricted. A detailed wind power prediction and output plan can effectively relieve peak load and frequency regulation pressure and increase the admission capacity of wind power to the power grid. However, due to the changing weather and operational conditions of the wind farm, big discrepancies are commonly found in predictions, posting great challenges to accurate generation plan and energy dispatching.

Solutions and Advantages

The VFB Storage System designed for wind farms can effectively improve prediction of integrated power and satisfy the technical standard requirements related to the integration. The Storage System is very responsive to trace and balance the changing nature of wind power generation. When the wind power capacity deviates from prediction, the power can be regulated through charging or discharging of the VFB Storage System to reduce deviation of the integrated power output, meet power demands and ensure safe and stable operations of the power grid.

Recommended Specifications

Operating Power 50kW~10MW
Storage Capacity 100kWh~100MWh
System Efficiency 65%~70%
Communication Interface Standard: RS485, Optional: LAN, CAN, Wireless Communication
Operations Automatic